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An applications developer’s job will often involve translation of software requirements into easier programming code. They also maintain and develop programmes and applications for business use. In the modern world where almost everyone has a mobile device, businesses can then use these applications as an interface to interact with their target market.

Application development recruitment agencies place applicants who are specialised in particular sectors. For instance, an accounts software application developer will find work in the financial sector.


Application development recruitment agencies often look for applicants who can demonstrate a decent level of technical know-how. Most organisations, particularly those that deal with software require job seekers to have a degree in a related subject. These can include business management, information systems, computer science, physics, and mathematical and applied sciences.

If you are a job seeker who does not have a degree in any related subject, an IT conversion course may be useful to build up your technical employability. Some recruitment agencies also have opportunities for applicants who can prove they are experienced in the field they are interested in. Applicants who have transferable skills and can fully demonstrate their interest and commitment to the field have a better chance at employment in permanent positions.

Candidates who are interviewed for application development positions need to show a high level of programming and related IT skills as well as analytical capabilities. They also need to be creative, ingenious, and attentive to detail. Candidates who have good communication skills and have experience in development methodologies such as agile and waterfall are also highly sought-after.

Some app developer employment firms require vendor certification to demonstrate competence in particular applications, language, and operating systems. These include Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle PL, SQL Developer Certified Associate, among others.

 Professional Development and Remuneration

Employment opportunities for app developers exist in many sectors. These vary from financial and travel, to health and retail. Large companies have extensive IT departments to manage their own systems as well as provide consultation services and run IT systems for other institutions.

App developers can find employment prospects in large multinational corporations or small software companies that specialise in specific areas and only hire a few staff. Opportunities can also be found in the public sector

Starting salaries in this field for graduate applications developers are around £20,000 annually. With experience, one can earn between £34,000-£40,000 while senior positions command up to £45,000-£50,000 and upwards.

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