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Apprenticeship is a training system that involves on-the-job study. It often accompanies classwork and enables practitioners to gain a practice licence. These typically take 3-7 years and once completed, apprentices attain professional certification. The concept is widely practised in guilds and trade unions.

Apprenticeships differ from internships largely in terms of formality. Apprenticeships will have a formal signed contract while internships will not. Internships also generally do not last longer than 12 months and may not be paid.

Apprentice Recruitment Agency Roles

The roles played by apprentice recruitment consultants vary in accordance with the needs of different organisations. Listed agencies offer tailor-made solutions to expand the talent pool and grow their clients’ businesses by bridging the gap between employers and job seekers.

Apprentice recruitment agencies relieve the burden of the complicated hiring process from hiring organisations and reduce associated costs. Their impartiality is guaranteed and therefore clients are assured of the best candidates in the applicant pool.

Consultants in the listed agencies understand the markets and top trends. They make the hiring process as seamless as possible by selecting only those applicants that meet the desired criteria.

Apprenticeship Programmes Entry Requirements

There are a variety of apprenticeship programmes such as business, engineering, construction, healthcare, media, and law among others. Entry requirements for these vary depending on the level of qualification on the QCF (Qualification and Credit Framework).

Applicants for intermediate apprenticeship programmes are only required to be 16 years old. They should also have completed full-time education. Advanced apprenticeships require previous work experience, three A*-C grade GCSEs or an intermediate apprenticeship.

Higher apprenticeships equate to a foundation degree and first year of a Bachelors. Degree apprenticeships have the strictest entry requirements including specified grades in your A-levels and a minimum of five A*-C GCSE grades. applicants may also be required to have previous work experience.


Apprentice recruitment agencies ensure that applicants are paid the National Minimum Wage of £3.50 per hour. Apprentices are also entitled to sick leave and any other benefits the employer offers other employees. These include healthcare, childcare and leave days.

Working hours vary, but like most workers, apprentices can expect to work 9am-5pm for most jobs. Apprentices in healthcare and hospitality can expect to work on weekends and night shifts.

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