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Biotechnology Recruitment Agencies

Jobs in the biotechnology sector cover the wide area in which biology and technology come together in an attempt to make advancements in the fields of medicine, agriculture, and more. It can be a very fulfilling career for those who wish to make a difference in the world and help solve some of the biggest problems of our time. A university degree is required for much of the roles in this sector, although biotechnology recruitment agencies may be able to place candidates without a degree in to entry-level positions.

Some of the more well-known, and generally higher-paying, employers in biotech include Pfizer,  3M, and Roche Products. As with many other highly technical sectors, a large percentage of the jobs are in London where the average salary within the industry is also the highest.

Salaries and Job Opportunities

The average salary in the UK biotechnology sector is around £30,000 per year. In London, the average salary jumps up to around £40,000 or higher. Given the relevant qualifications and experience, biotechnology recruitment agencies may be able to secure a job paying around £60,000 for the right candidate.

London is the main place to be for those seeking entry in to the biotech sector, as this is where many of the job opportunities and highest salaries are available. Other locations with many employers in biotechnology include Cambridge, Edinburgh, Manchester, Oxford, and Surrey.

Pathways to Working in Biotechnology

The main pathway, and generally the only pathway, to many of the jobs in biotechnology is through a university degree with studies related to the preferred role. There are relatively few positions available to candidates without a degree, which include warehouse and secretarial work, and the prospects for major career advancement without further training and study are slim. However, biotechnology recruitment agencies can help potential employees find a path suited to them, which may again require further training in any case.

Even for the most qualified candidates, on-the-job training is almost always required in order to translate theory in to practice, and many workplaces simply will not allow new employees to begin without extensive training. This training is generally provided internally, at no cost to the employee, as opposed to external courses.

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Ripple Recruit

With over 15 years of experience in recruiting for technical industries, our team have the expertise to find the right candidates for a huge variety of roles. We work with clients throughout the UK too, so wherever you are – our team are on hand to help.

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ETS Technical Selection Ltd

We help businesses find the best talent in technical, engineering, scientific and IT sales throughout the UK. ETS Technical Selection was founded due to a requirement in the market for experienced sales staff within specialist fields.

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