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Catering and Hospitality Recruitment Agencies

Catering and Hospitality jobs are varied and cover a wide range of skills and qualifications. The industry includes service, event planning, transportation, tourism and many more. This field employs well over 200,000 workers in service and catering jobs.

Catering and hospitality recruitment agencies enlist applicants for various job profiles in the industry. These include catering managers, restaurant managers, customer service professionals and many more.

Catering and Hospitality Job Profiles

 The dynamic, fast-paced industry is majorly focused on the service industry with most jobs being customer-facing and supporting roles. There are also administrative roles found within the sector in senior and executive roles.

Catering and hospitality recruitment firms work with hiring organisations to hire qualified staff for many different positions. Applicants who are experienced in similar roles are preferred over fresh graduates with academic qualifications. However, applicants who have academic certificates but lack skills can apply for apprentice programs.

Candidates need to have strong communication skills, tact, and diplomacy. The ability to work in a team as well as think fast and take initiative is critical. The customer-focused nature of this job also requires applicants who have an appreciation and understanding of customer expectations. Drive, determination, and dedication to improving industry standards are also highly desirable.

Key Employers and Salaries

There are many sectors that employ the services of catering and hospitality recruitment firms to find qualified personnel. Typical employers include businesses like large factories, hospitals, armed forces, local authorities, retail outlets, schools, hotels, and tourism-related industries such as aviation and cruise ships among others.

Employment may be seasonal particularly in hotels and retail. Summer, Christmas and most major holidays have higher numbers of temporary and contractual staff engaged by employers.

Starting salaries in the industry are quite competitive starting at £20,000 annually depending on the location and role one is employed in. Positions in cities like London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Leeds attract better rates and more permanent positions.

Experienced professionals can earn well over £40,000 annually. Temporary and contractual jobs that pay hourly rates could attract £5-£12 an hour depending on the season. Peak seasons attract higher rates.

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LJW Recruitment

Our professional recruitment team specialise in sourcing professional domestic household staff and family office for both permanent and and short term placements. With years of experience in our sector we are a leading recruitment partner within the UK.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 020 7801 0643
Opening times: Open Now~
64 Knightsbridge, London, UK
Private Service Recruitment

Prime Agency Recruitment

The team at Prime Agency Recruitment specialise in recruiting within the hotel, hospitality, leisure and property management industries. Our years of experience mean that we are a leading recruitment provider in the UK.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 0207 580 4398
Opening times: Open Now~
27-28 Eastcastle Street, London, UK
National Hospitality Recruiters

AWOL Recruitment

The team at AWOL Recruitment are the North West’s leading chef recruitment agency. Working across both permanent and temporary positions, we provide solutions to staffing problems for a large numbers of clients.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 0333 123 5777
Opening times: Open Now~
AWOL Recruitment Ltd, Grange-over-Sands, UK
Chef Recruitment

Quartz Recruitment

Our founder Hazel Gooding created Quartz Recruitment in order to provide professional recruitment solutions for businesses in hospitality, finance and office/commercial in the South West of England. We are passionate about helping both employers and candidates achieve their goals.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 01271 523354
Opening times: Open Now~
Quartz Recruitment Specialist Ltd, Barnstaple, UK
South West Recruiters

First Contact Chefs

Our team at First Contact Chefs are passionate about finding the right chef for the job. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their exact requirements are met and they benefit from an unmatchable level of customer service.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 0114 2458696
Opening times: Open Now~
Haywood House, Hydra Business Park, Sheffield, UK
Niche sector specialists