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Construction is one of the biggest developing industries in the UK. The construction industry has seen massive changes in routine jobs to make bigger and safer buildings. Although highly susceptible to economic instability, the industry still contributes to a large percentage of the country’s economy. The industry has continued to be lucrative for key players and workers.

Construction recruitment agencies specialise in building a better workforce by reviewing hundreds of accredited and experienced applicants. The construction industry is constantly growing and has in recent years seen massive changes from traditional to modern innovative styles. These innovations have led to the rise of construction experts and highly sought after staff with years of experience.

Recruiters have an in-depth understanding of the construction industry. They have great foresight into the ups and downs of the industry and will advise companies of any impending downward shifts. They also keep updated on the cyclic changes in construction trends to ensure that they present only the best talent in the recruitment process.

While construction may be complex, finding the right workers is easy with leading agencies. They understand that there are many roles to be filled. From unskilled labour to more specialised professionals, and have experts in their respective fields who understand exactly what you need. Recruitment is carried out to fill a wide range of roles such as Management, Building Inspectors, Superintendent, Administrators, Engineers to more labour intensive job positions such as manual workers, plumbers, bricklayers, and electricians.


Construction workers are required to be highly adaptable to keep up with the physical needs of the nature of their work. A degree may not be necessary for manual labourers but specialised jobs require the candidates to have some form of certification. Some applicants also have years of experience in apprenticeship giving them an edge over their freshly graduated counterparts.

Construction industry workers looking to be interviewed by companies are required to be physically fit and able to work long hours in varying weather conditions. Everyone in the construction industry who works at a site is required to have a CSCS card and a health and safety qualification depending on your job position.

Construction companies who compensate their workers competitively enjoy better employee retention rates due to increased job satisfaction. Workers can choose to be employed in large companies or work as independent contractors. While large companies have a greater availability of jobs, the independent workers take some time to gain trust and establish relationships with clients.

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Ripple Recruit

With over 15 years of experience in recruiting for technical industries, our team have the expertise to find the right candidates for a huge variety of roles. We work with clients throughout the UK too, so wherever you are – our team are on hand to help.

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Timber Frame Jobs

At Timber Frame Jobs we specialise in providing quality technical and sales staff for the timber frame and roof truss sector, working closely with both candidates and employers to find the right people for the job. We pride ourselves on offering an extremely personal service to everyone that we work with.

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