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Being a consultant may not be considered a traditional line of work but more people are going into it after retirement, while on hiatus or even as a full-time job. The consultancy industry began back in the late 19th century, but it steadily started growing in the 1930’s with companies incorporating more partners. By the early 1960’s it had gone international. This sector often offers expertise on a short-term basis. This is a respite for many companies that are not able to afford to hire such experts on retainer for long-term services.

In recent years, there has been a sharp influx of talent into the consultancy industry. More people now have access to higher levels of education but the job market does not cater for them all. They have gone on to serve in companies as hired experts for short periods of time. There are six major consultancy categories. These are Management, Strategy, Financial Advisory, Human Resource, IT, and Operations consultants.

This multi-billion pound industry is hiring people in every sector as consultants, advisors, and temps. There are freelance consultants who work remotely or off-site. They get the flexibility to take on multiple projects making consultancy a fairly lucrative business.

Consulting recruitment agencies are poised to help you find the right consultant for your company. They are not limited to large companies, however, and have proved useful to mid-level and small, sometimes family-owned, businesses. The in-depth understanding of the multiple branches of the modern-day consultancy industry means traditional recruitment services may not apply today. Fresh recruiting strategies are required to assist companies in selecting the most applicable individuals for discrete business requirements.

The complexities of the consultancy industry make choosing a recruit difficult because it covers a broad spectrum of functions. It can range from forming corporate strategies to giving the executive counsel on mergers and acquisitions. Conducting market intelligence research makes it easy for companies to choose from top-tier candidates.

The consultancy industry offers a high-income career, particularly when working for blue-chip companies. It also offers the opportunity for fast professional development owing to its steep learning curve. The flexibility and freedom to work on projects of their choosing are also very attractive factors for young graduates. There are many consulting firms always looking for the most aggressive candidates but younger candidates often choose to work as independent consultants.

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