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Recruitment agencies in Education, Healthcare & Social Assistance

The education sector encompasses diverse professions. In recent times, there has been a growing need for professional duties, and infrastructural roles aside from the educators. There are many education recruitment agencies spread out across the country.

Healthcare and social assistance is also a growing sector employing nearly 2 million professionals in different capacities. There are a variety of careers in this sector that overlap with the education sector. These include day-care social workers, education welfare officers, and other social assistance workers.

The duties of these workers in schools encompass:

  • Working with parents and the administration to resolve behavioural and educational issues
  • Working with the school incase of any significant changes in the children’s lives
  • Taking note of any potentially volatile, abusive and aggressive behaviour and liaising with teachers and parents to find solutions
  • Informing the school of any absences

Educational, healthcare, and social assistance recruitment agencies look for professionals who are passionate about working with children and who have previous experience. In addition, you will be required to have relevant academic qualifications.

Entry Requirements

Applicants to education, healthcare and social assistance recruitment agencies often look out for applicants with strong communication skills. Leadership skills and the ability to motivate and inspire students is also an added advantage.

Health professionals in education institutions have to follow standard structures to get their academic qualifications. Social assistants must also have relevant requirements. For instance, a social worker in early years education will need to be familiar with early years care and planning arrangements. The same would apply to a social assistance professional working with teens.

Remuneration Rates

According to recruitment agencies, education welfare officers can earn starting salaries of around £20,000. With experience this rate can improve to £25,000-£32,000 per year. Professionals in the position of team leader and management-level can make between £35,000-£41,000. Major cities such as London offer better remuneration rates and chances of career progression.

You can find employment in different types of educational institutions. Educational, health and social assistance employment agencies take applicants on behalf on nurseries, primary schools, all the way through to institutions of higher education.

Employment agencies for this sector can be found across the country. However there are likely to be more opportunities in towns where education is the main focus such as Oxford and Cambridge.

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Executemps Recruitment Ltd

Executemps has achieved a fantastic reputation due to delivery of client partnering, consultation and providing tailored temporary recruitment solutions. As a result up to 90% of our temporary staff have been directly engaged by our clients, or had their assignments extended.

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34 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
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Prentis Solutions

At Prentis Solutions we pride ourselves on offering an unmatched service. We work across sectors including local government, housing and education. We match employers with the perfect candidate every time.

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Phone: 020 8427 4445
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Prentis Solutions, College Road, Harrow, UK
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Merco Medical Staffing Ltd

As a team of over 50 staff, we work with a huge range of clients within the medical sector to fill their available positions with high quality candidates. The team at Merco Medical Staffing Ltd are passionate about both employers and candidates finding the right fit.

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Merco Medical Staffing Ltd, Pepys Road, London, UK