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Education is one of the key sectors in the country. Most state schools follow the National Curriculum with a majority of the private schools creating their own curricula. There is a high demand for teachers, lecturers, professional trainers and administrative roles.

Traditionally high ranking schools are pressured to keep their education standards high. This calls for teachers who are up to date with the latest teaching methods and curricula.

The pressure to perform well means academic institutions are always on the lookout for fresh new graduates. The recent research by Education Support Partnership shows that teachers are stressed due to work pressure from marking and meeting exam targets.

To relieve this pressure, academic institutions are now hiring more teaching and support staff.

Education and teaching recruitment agencies are always on the lookout for special candidates who can fill in the specialist education sectors. Due to budget cuts, children with disabilities and special needs are not catered to as adequately as they should be. This is a key area of interest with concerned parties calling out for adequate facilities and staff.

Requirements for Employment

Teachers are required to pass a professional skills test for both literacy and numeracy before undertaking the specialised teaching programs. After this, they are required to gain QTS. It is obtained on a school or university-based  ITT programme and can be completed within a year. Thereafter, newly qualified teachers are allowed to tackle their induction year. Depending on the degree grade, financial support, such as a bursary, is available.

Other qualities include the proven ability to develop relationships with parents and carers, enthusiasm for the subjects that they teach and the ability to communicate and convey knowledge to the students. Confidence, dedication, commitment and conflict resolution skills are also an added advantage.

Recent technological advancements have made teaching easier but they require teachers to keep up with modern trends. Going for regular career development training seminars helps teaching staff to stay ahead of trends and gives them a competitive advantage over their counterparts.

Teaching is a lucrative career with, staff who work with special needs children commanding higher rates. Remuneration corresponds with the level of education they teach at and their qualifications. Most teachers say that they find their work very rewarding.

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