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The Energy Sector is the backbone of many other sectors all over the world. In Britain, it is the biggest industry and it continues to grow at a very rapid rate. It has contributed over £24 billion in economic revenue and employs over 700,000 people. This number is increasing as the government, in conjunction with private energy suppliers, comes up with new innovations to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. The energy demand keeps growing amid shifting resources, but technological advancements have seen this industry combat shortage and keep growing.

The Energy Sector is broken down into many other sub-sections with renewable energy being the most popular for environmentalists. Other sectors are electricity, nuclear, gas, and coal. With more homes and businesses running on different energy sources, the sector employs a lot of manpower to keep up with the demand.


The sector’s key players rely on energy recruitment agencies to get the best employees. There are a wide variety of positions in the energy sector and everyone with the right qualifications is assured of a place in this fast-paced industry.

Most jobs that are higher up the ladder such as Scientists, Engineers and Hydrologists need, at least, a degree and higher levels of education as you specialise. Administration positions also exist in this field along with financial, supervisory, and management roles.

Field jobs are in plenty with most requiring training via apprenticeships or some form of certification by relevant institutions.

Energy recruitment agencies work with many companies that are involved in the transmission and distribution of energy. With over 300 energy companies in the UK, the energy industry is always looking to fill different roles. For applicants with higher education accreditation in different areas of study other than energy, roles such as project coordinators and consultants are always open.

This industry is very lucrative not only for the economy and the operating companies but also for its workers. Big companies such as Shell, EDF Energy, and others, hire qualified staff and remunerate them well to keep them focused on their jobs. With a lot of money going into research and innovations, scientists are also paid very well with some getting continued earnings on patented discoveries.

Professionals in this industry are always advised not to dismiss offers which may not be so appealing to them. This is because, in this dynamic sector, changes happen every day and transferable skills could help you get appointed to the position of your dreams.

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