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Professional facilities management is focused on the efficient and effective functioning of support services in an organisation. It is a relatively new field in the UK and is currently employing over 100,000 people. Facilities management is a sector found in most major businesses with a key focus on two main areas. ‘Space and infrastructure’ that deals with planning, design occupancy, leasing and others and ‘people and organisation’ which deals with catering, cleaning, human resources, and hospitality.

Facilities managers coordinate the physical aspects of buildings and their services to make sure that they satisfy the needs of employees who work in them. Facilities management recruitment agencies look for workers whose competencies lie in communication, strategy, and project management.


Facilities management has been available as a defined academic discipline since 1990. It is a now a requirement for applicants who desire to join companies as facilities managers to have a degree. The key roles for this position include strategically guiding their employers as they make decisions. Facilities managers educate them on the impact of any decisions to ensure health and safety standards, and all legal requirements are met. Another major role is assisting company operations by managing office systems such as IT and office equipment. waste disposal, and parking systems.

Facilities management recruitment agencies sometimes offer opportunities for apprenticeships for entry-level positions which do not require any certifications. Transferable skills are useful in the FM career.

The Scope Of Facilities Management

This department is tasked with assigning office space to staff members as companies hire more staff. This involves the use of computer-aided designs to ensure each space has enough lighting and ventilation, fire exit plan, and access to amenities such as bathrooms and drinking water.

Facilities management may include other areas such as management of the environment, health and safety, fire safety, security, building maintenance, cleaning, operational services, and business continuity. They are also tasked with managing office refurbishments and renovations.

Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply for these positions owing to staffing shortages. Careers in this section may include interior decorators, plumbers, electricians and other in-house roles. There are also administrative positions which require experience in addition to academic qualifications.

Remuneration rates for facilities managers start at £26,000 going up to £45,000 with increased experience. Regional facilities managers can earn upwards of £60,000 annually.

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Prentis Solutions

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