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Financial Services Recruitment Agencies

The financial services sector is made up of firms providing financial services to both commercial and retail clients. It includes banks, insurance, investment funds, and real estate. The UK financial sector contributes £100 billion to the economy while providing 1.1 million jobs. It is ranked among the top eight sectors in the OECD owing to the magnitude of its economic output.

Areas of Work In Financial Services

 Financial Services offer a wide range of careers. Financial services recruitment agencies work closely with firms to fill positions in accounting, banking and finance, financial planning, investments and pensions, and tax.

Each of these sectors branches out into specific job roles. Accounting has specialised roles for accounting technicians, auditors, chartered management, certified accountants, forensic accountants and many more.

Banking and finance jobs include actuaries, corporate treasurers, financial advisors, managers and risk analysts, stockbrokers and retail bankers among others. Tax careers branch out into Senior tax professionals, tax inspectors, tax accountants, or tax advisers. In insurance, applicants may apply for positions as actuarial analysts, chartered loss adjusters, insurance account managers, insurance risk surveyors, insurance underwriters and more.

Skills Required For A Career in Financial Services

Financial services recruitment agencies look for applicants with a sharp business acumen and strong business credentials such as a degree in accounting or economics. Analytical and numeracy skills are indispensable in this profession. Vocational qualifications are also acceptable in areas such as tax and investment management. Employers may require employees to acquire relevant academic qualifications through part-time study when on the job for further specialisation.

For applicants looking for careers in accounting, recruitment agencies can connect them to firms that offer contracts for on-the-job training. This training, however, is only offered to those studying for relevant accounting qualifications.

Dedicated graduate schemes are also useful, offering clear entry into finance careers that lead to permanent job placements. Applicants for financial services positions are also be required to register with professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.


Financial services careers offer highly competitive remuneration rates with salaries ranging from £13,500-£33,000 for professional accountants, £38,000-£50,000 for investment management, and£25,000-£38,000 for those in banking and finance.

The financial sector is fast-paced and employees often work under high pressure. Financial services recruitment agencies look for applicants that have a logical mindset, accuracy and are attentive to finer details. Candidates that are confident with demonstrated ability to work calmly under pressure are also well received. The upside of these careers is substantial bonuses, fast career progression, and excellent employee benefits such as private healthcare.

In the process of Brexit negotiations, this sector faced a lot of uncertainty and recruiters even reported skills shortages. Applicants are encouraged to take advantage of the shortage to plan their careers.

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Plus One Personnel

Our team work with a customer-centric ethos, working closely with both our clients and candidates, providing award-winning recruitment services. At Plus One Personnel we specialise in sales and marketing, operations, business support, accounting and finance and customer service roles.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 01295 262266
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29 High St, Banbury, UK
Nationwide Recruiters

Jems Recruitment

The team at Jems Recruitment are extremely client and candidate focused, we pride ourselves in uncovering the individuality in every candidate and company that we are lucky enough to work alongside.  We specialise in financial, management and business support roles.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 020 3824 1111
Opening times: Open Now~
26 Park Road, Bushey, UK
National Recruiters

ProTalent Limited

At ProTalent we specialise in recruiting within the accounting and finance arena for roles across the South West of England. We work alongside our clients and candidates to ensure that the service we offer is as personal and bespoke as possible.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 01273 491 852
Opening times: Open Now~
7-9 The Avenue, Eastbourne, UK

Quartz Recruitment

Our founder Hazel Gooding created Quartz Recruitment in order to provide professional recruitment solutions for businesses in hospitality, finance and office/commercial in the South West of England. We are passionate about helping both employers and candidates achieve their goals.

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Phone: 01271 523354
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Quartz Recruitment Specialist Ltd, Barnstaple, UK
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