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The food industry has grown vastly with the advent of supermarkets and fast food joints. The food industry is very large and contributes nearly £28 billion to the economy while employing about 400,000 people. Consumers have become busier and sometimes work far from home making this industry convenient for most. Young people are also increasingly opting for healthier and fresher alternatives, making this industry seek innovative and creative professionals.

The complex nature of the food industry means that some processes are removed from each other even though they are in the same chain. Activities included in this chain are preparation, processing, conversion, and packing of foodstuffs. This requires companies to hire qualified staff for each specific process creating employment for many people with different qualifications.

Specialty areas in this industry include Product Control and Processing, Support Operations, Food Operations, and Food and Sales Service. Food recruitment agencies are always looking to fill positions in this industry with talented professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced.


There are many sub-sectors included in this industry such as agriculture, manufacturing, marketing, research and development, and financial and credit services. Each of these requires appropriate academic certifications. In addition, the industry also requires passionate individuals who can work well under pressure.

Some professions in the chain such as agriculture, and food sales and service, have minimum requirements. Food recruitment agencies looking to fill these positions will consider applicants with the highest level of experience.

Internships are also widely available in this industry. These may be offered to freshly graduated applicants or students who are still in school. These opportunities often lead to permanent or contractual employment.

Food recruitment agencies are dedicated to offering applicants the most relevant career opportunities. Recruiters work closely with established companies and based on their vast experience, they are able to advise and guide employers throughout the hiring process. They also collect competitor salary information to make sure both the companies and the applicants are getting the best market rates. Some agencies offer contract advice and drafting services for those who may need it. Remuneration in this industry is fairly competitive with the average worker earning £30,000 annually.

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AWOL Recruitment

The team at AWOL Recruitment are the North West’s leading chef recruitment agency. Working across both permanent and temporary positions, we provide solutions to staffing problems for a large numbers of clients.

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AWOL Recruitment Ltd, Grange-over-Sands, UK
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First Contact Chefs

Our team at First Contact Chefs are passionate about finding the right chef for the job. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their exact requirements are met and they benefit from an unmatchable level of customer service.

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Haywood House, Hydra Business Park, Sheffield, UK
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