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Government Recruitment Agencies

The public sector is comprised of public enterprises and public services. These services are linked to basic human rights and the government’s service to its people. Public service agencies employ over 6 million workers. The services provided by this industry are vital to all citizens such as security and healthcare.

With over 390 agencies and public bodies, the public sector offers employment for a wide variety of professionals. Public services include the military, infrastructure, public education, healthcare and government elected officials, environmental protection, and social services.

Government agencies are not profit driven and civil servants are motivated by different reasons.


 Government recruitment agencies are always looking for professionals to fill a wide range of positions. The nature of public service jobs is to serve many different sectors. Applicants who have common academic qualifications are usually guaranteed to find vacancies in relevant sectors.

There are many graduate career options, ranging from treasurers, intelligence analysts to personal assistants and social workers among others. Entry level applicants may not be required to have any experience. However, higher level appointments require vast experience in addition to higher levels of education.

The highly competitive nature of public service jobs means that academic qualifications may not be enough for applicants to secure a job. Government recruitment agencies also look for applicants who have great problem-solving abilities and critical thinking. Communication is also important because public service providers are required to build relationships with service users and colleagues. Working in the government also requires applicants to respect hierarchy, particularly for those looking at careers in the military.

Preferred candidates also demonstrate leadership and collaboration abilities as well as resilience. The government has introduced a digital and tech platform to transform the public sector operations. Agencies encourage graduates with technological skills to apply for these newly created positions.

Working in the public service means there is low job security because of the increased pressure for efficient government spending. The working conditions are generally good, with jobs widely available throughout the country. Some roles may be particularly stressful and also have strict entry requirements.

Remuneration is attractive with the added possibility of progression when workers gain experience. There are plenty of opportunities for continuing professional development. Salaries start at £14,000-£25,000. Young people find the opportunities to travel both locally and abroad very attractive.

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ETS Technical Selection Ltd

We help businesses find the best talent in technical, engineering, scientific and IT sales throughout the UK. ETS Technical Selection was founded due to a requirement in the market for experienced sales staff within specialist fields.

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Phone: 08700 702246
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ETS Technical Sales, Cirencester, UK
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Prentis Solutions

At Prentis Solutions we pride ourselves on offering an unmatched service. We work across sectors including local government, housing and education. We match employers with the perfect candidate every time.

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Phone: 020 8427 4445
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Prentis Solutions, College Road, Harrow, UK
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Merco Medical Staffing Ltd

As a team of over 50 staff, we work with a huge range of clients within the medical sector to fill their available positions with high quality candidates. The team at Merco Medical Staffing Ltd are passionate about both employers and candidates finding the right fit.

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Phone: 0208 947 3077
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Merco Medical Staffing Ltd, Pepys Road, London, UK