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Head Hunting Recruitment Agencies

Headhunting also refers to an Executive Search. This is the process through which organisations seek out highly qualified personnel for senior-level jobs. They do this by engaging headhunting recruitment agencies. These agencies may also be hired to fill positions where specialised talents, such as computer programming, are sought-after.

Recruitment agencies hired for headhunting purposes will normally recruit individuals who already have employment and may not even be looking for a change. They are therefore required to have a deep understanding of their client’s target market.

The Headhunting Process

The executive search often requires agencies to have personal contacts in the industry who operate at the senior-most positions. They are involved heavily in the recruitment process and even conduct their own detailed interviews. Headhunting recruitment agencies are also required to have research resources, evaluation skills and professional networks to find suitable candidates.

The recruitment agencies offer the organisation the chance to enlist candidates from competing organisations without having to do so directly. They also offer the added advantage of choosing suitable candidates from a wide pool that would otherwise be unavailable through internal, traditional and passive recruitment methods.

A headhunting recruitment agency can be hired in either one of two capacities, contingent or retained. A contingent recruiter is paid only when they successfully place an executive. Retained recruiters are paid for the extensive process. They offer the organisation a do-over if the candidate leaves before a stipulated period of time.

Retained recruitment agencies invest a lot of time and resources to find the right candidates. This requires an in-depth understanding of their client’s organisations. They spend the time to learn their future and values and try to match these with the perfect executive. The fee for these agents is paid out in three stages divided along the different stages of recruitment.

Another of the more unique headhunting recruitment agencies are those hired for a delimited search. This is a high-end search with a money-back guarantee should the agency fail to deliver. Their contract also has a clause stating a date by which the project must be completed or the fee refunded. The delimited search category does not have a fixed fee either, but rather a small up-front fee. This fee is a percentage, usually a third or less, of the successful candidate’s salary for the first year.

Which Positions Do Head Hunting Recruitment Agencies Recruit Search For?

Recruitment agencies fill top positions in many organisations. These may be business, technology or even charity organisations. Positions that may be filled by headhunters include president, vice-president, and executive director.

Headhunting recruitment agencies will usually commit to agreements preventing them from approaching employees of their current clients for positions in other organisations.

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