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The healthcare sector in the United Kingdom is devolved with the National Health Service accounting for majority of the jobs across the country. There are also private health institutions, and combined with the public sector, they make a major contribution to the economy.

In that respect, there are many professionals employed in this sector, including Hospital staff, Dentistry, And Nursing Home workers. Healthcare recruitment agencies specialise in finding applicants and managing the employment of the most suitable heath professionals.

The jobs in this profession can be challenging however, the results are quite rewarding.

In this sector doctors, and nurses make up majority of the workforce. There are over 1.3 million professionals employed in the NHS in over 1,400 facilities. Healthcare recruitment agencies are concentrated in London, Birmingham and Leicester cities.

The private healthcare sector is much smaller than the public sector. However, they have massive purchasing power of medical goods. This sector contributes well over £43 billion to the UK’s economy annually. A big majority of the professionals in the private sector are specialists in fields such as cosmetic surgery.


Healthcare employment agencies recruit applicants with varied skills due to the broad nature of this sector. Professionals registered with professional bodies such as the UK Health and Care Profession Council have higher chances of employment.

In addition to academic requirements, professionals in the healthcare sector are required to be empathetic, have strong communication skills, and the resilience to work under highly stressful work environments.

Healthcare recruitment agencies also enlist highly experienced professionals as consultants. They often work on contractual basis in both the private and public sectors.

There are also employment opportunities for healthcare professionals in home nursing, dental, fitness and diet, and rehabilitation and orthopaedics.

Remuneration rates

Salaries and allowances for professionals working in the NHS are based on the Agenda for change Pay Scale. Professionals in the private sector can earn significantly more depending on your level of experience.

Healthcare professionals in consultancy also get attractive remuneration packages and have the ability to negotiate their contracts.

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