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Industrial Recruitment Agencies

The industrial sector is divided into four sectors. The primary sector is involved with raw materials and the secondary sector consists of manufacturing and constructions. The third, is the tertiary sector which involves delivery of services and the last category, is the quaternary sector that provides intellectual services.

This gives industrial recruitment agencies a wide range of jobs to place candidates in. Industrial jobs are not only limited to manufacturing, they are diverse and offer a broad scope of employment opportunities. The common factor in these sectors is large-scale production business models.

Key Players In The Industrial Sector

Industrial recruitment agencies enlist applicants for major companies in the industrial sector. These sectors include energy, hospitality, manufacturing, aviation, mining, transport, and agribusiness among others.

These sectors can be found in major metropolitan cities. For instance, one of the key primary sectors is North Sea Oil. Its centre of operations is in North East of England. Birmingham is the centre of operations for the automotive industry, Manchester for textiles, Sheffield for steel, Leeds for textiles and engineering and London for a variety of industries.

Qualifications and  Remuneration

The nature of these industries is complex. Profit margins may be low for individual products and they rely on mass production to make profits. This means that any down-time on production equipment is an expense.

Industrial recruitment agencies require applicants to be flexible and versatile enough to adapt to working in shifts. Employees may be required to work weekends and night shifts. In some industrial sectors such as agriculture and hospitality, employees may be hired on a seasonal basis.

Most field positions in these jobs do not require high academic qualifications such as a degree. Recruitment agencies value experience and skill when looking for candidates for these jobs. Some form of physical fitness is required for field jobs. Recruitment firms also favour candidates who have gone through apprenticeship.

Remuneration in this industry starts at £15,000 to upwards of £40,000. Wages are similar across the board and vary only slightly with the exception of London. Wages here are higher owing to the high cost of living. Recruitment agencies are keen to ensure their clients, whether employers or employees get the most competitive remuneration rates.

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Ripple Recruit

With over 15 years of experience in recruiting for technical industries, our team have the expertise to find the right candidates for a huge variety of roles. We work with clients throughout the UK too, so wherever you are – our team are on hand to help.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 0118 370 4634
Opening times: Open Now~
Ripple Recruitment Ltd, Greyfriars Road, Reading, UK
National Recruiters

ETS Technical Selection Ltd

We help businesses find the best talent in technical, engineering, scientific and IT sales throughout the UK. ETS Technical Selection was founded due to a requirement in the market for experienced sales staff within specialist fields.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 08700 702246
Opening times: Open Now~
ETS Technical Sales, Cirencester, UK
Nationwide Recruiters

Blue Marble Recruitment

Our team at Blue Marble Recruitment are specialists in specialist technology roles, spanning industries such as engineering, operations, sales/marketing and executive positions. We have a huge range of client types, all of which have benefited from our ability to match the right candidate with an employer.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 07720 841 444
Opening times: Open Now~
Blue Marble Recruitment, London Road, St Albans, UK
Nationwide IT recruitment

Supreme Recruitment Services

Providing the right people at the right time. At Supreme Recruitment Services we are experienced in a variety of industries, since creation in 1998 we have established ourselves as a leading provider of both temporary and permanent labour to a range of companies.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 0121 248 4488
Opening times: Open Now~
Supreme Recruitment, Birmingham, UK
National recruiters

JLC Solutions

JLC Solutions are a specialist logistics and supply chain management recruitment agency with over 40 years of experience in the industry. We aim to create long standing relationships with our clients and candidates, matching employers with outstanding talent.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 01858 465957
Opening times: Open Now~
3 Symington Way, Market Harborough LE16 7XA, UK
40 years of experience