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The insurance sector in the United Kingdom is the third largest in the world. This sector employs over a quarter of a million employees and is worth over £1.6 trillion in investments. Many businesses and individuals rely on the insurance industry to protect themselves from unforeseen eventualities. For this reason, the insurance sector is an integral part of the UK economy.

Insurance recruitment agencies work closely with companies in different industries to place employees in the sector.  Recent reports indicate that insurance companies are expected to hire more staff in the next 12 months. There is widespread fear of automation taking over many insurance jobs. However, the sector has proven to be a big employer with emphasis on human relationships regarded as the main concern for successful insurance companies.

The Insurance Job Market

Insurance recruitment agencies report an over 60% increase in the employment of staff in insurance companies. The rate of retirement among boomers has also necessitated the need for companies to hire more millennials in this traditional industry.

Popular positions in the insurance industry include claims, customer service, sales, actuarial positions, claims handlers, and brokers. Applicants in the insurance industry are required to have university degrees and other specialised professional certifications. Insurance companies may employ candidates who go on to further their training on the job.

Insurance recruitment centres are concentrated in Birmingham, London, Leeds, and Bristol.

Remuneration Rates

Remuneration rates in the insurance industry are very competitive with entry-level roles offering between £15,000 and £20,000. the average rate for the entire country is £25,000, with London averaging almost double that at £45,000. Senior professional positions attract a salary of £40,000 and upwards.

The insurance sector may be a traditional industry, but increasing innovation and automation in the industry require employees to constantly update their skills. This provides candidates with better career advancement opportunities. Employees who have transferable skills are easier to place and have the chance to diversify their line of work as they rise through the ranks.

Great communication skills are an added advantage for employees in this field. The nature of this job may require employees to travel and work outside official hours. For this reason, insurance recruitment agencies are always looking for candidates who are versatile and can adapt to change.

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