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The legal sector in the United Kingdom is one of the driving forces of the economy. Contributing over £3 billion to the economy, the sector employs well over 500,000 employees. A third of these positions are located in London.

Regarded as a traditional sector, the legal profession is saturated and competition is cut-throat. This requires many professionals to diversify leading to the growth of new sub-sectors and a more dynamic working environment.

Whether you are hired as a solicitor, a paralegal, a barrister or a lawyer, this industry is diversifying at the speed of light. New innovations are testing and pushing the legal limits. Lawyers are now required to visit the scene of an accident in case of personal injury claims or visit their clients at home or in a hospital in addition the traditional to courtroom appearances.

The Legal Job Market

Universities are churning out more graduates in this sector than there are firms. Legal recruitment agencies are on the constant look-out for legal graduates who have additional skills such as IT, business and administrative skills.

These additional skills help candidates stand out from the competition and increase their chances of being hired by modern firms. Post-graduate training opportunities for paralegals are also quite scarce with most graduates pursuing apprenticeship positions in leading firms. Recruitment agencies, however, advice candidates not to overlook training at small firms as these offer long-term rewards.

Remuneration In The Legal Sector

Entry level positions in the legal sector include newly-qualified solicitors who earn between £25,000-£40,000. Legal executives also earn about the same amount. The more lucrative sectors in this profession are the corporate and commercial sub-sectors. Professionals in this area earn gross salaries of between £70,000- £200,000.

Some graduates who prefer to work in more personal departments, for example, family law, may earn salaries ranging from £40,000-£90,000. The civil law department is also a competitive branch with salaries starting at £40,000 and going on to upwards of £120,000.

Legal recruitment agencies also look for candidates who have a high level of commercial awareness and good communication skills. Candidates who are attentive to detail and are good at time management make excellent professionals in the legal sector. Research and analysis are also key skills to have in addition to resilience and self-confidence.

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