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The logistics sector goes hand in hand with supply chain management. This sector is worth an estimated £70 billion and provides employment for more than 2 million employees. The growth of online and offline retail sales signify an increase in the number of customers. These customers require rapid delivery of their purchases and expedited service in response to their queries.

Many industries require their goods procured, stored and distributed as efficiently as possible. This results in logistics recruitment agencies hiring professionals in varied capacities. From, warehouse operations and distribution manager to administrative positions.


Most employers prefer candidates with a specific degree in transport, supply chain management or logistics. however, the increasing popularity of this sector has seen candidates who hold a first degree in a different subject go for postgraduate studies to improve their chances in the job market.

Postgraduate studies not only give candidates an edge when applying for this positions, they also help employees in career advancement. They also broaden the knowledge and skills of professionals in this industry.

Logistics recruitment agencies work with major organisations to place applicants in positions such as logistics and distribution, warehouse and purchasing managers. Upcoming job roles are found in supply chain design and planning, freight transportation, warehouse design, and distribution network design.

In addition to academic qualifications, inborn skills such as natural inquisitiveness, problem-solving and negotiation skills make applicants highly desirable. Employees should be able to work in stressful conditions and respond to any problems calmly. Excellent communication skills, teamwork and interpersonal skills, planning and research, and effective leadership skills are also invaluable in this industry.

Applicants for positions in this industry may be required to work in shifts, weekends and sometimes overnight.

Remuneration Rates

The average salary for employees in this sector is £23,000 annually. Rates are higher in cities like London, Milton Keynes, and Southampton where the industry hubs are based. The range for salaries in this industry is between £14,000-£35,000.

Logistics recruitment agencies understand that customer satisfaction is at the core of every business. Delivering products and services as efficiently as possible is what logistics and supply chain management is about. These agencies, therefore, strive to place candidates who are competent in multiple roles.

Technological advancements in the sector challenge the traditional methods of product and service delivery. Opportunities for travel also make this industry attractive to millennials. There is no doubt that this is a sector that will keep growing.

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