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Manufacturing Recruitment Agencies

The manufacturing industry in the UK is thriving in spite of the fluctuating economy. The country is projected to be among the top five industrial nations by 2021. The industry contributes 11% of the GVA and creates employment for more than 2.6 million people. The industry’s hubs in Leicester, Birmingham, Swindon, and the East Midlands have the highest concentration of manufacturing recruitment agencies.

The industry covers a wide range of sectors with manufacturing operations being found in aerospace, automotive and even defence. The biggest manufacturing sector is the food and drink industry, employing over 400,000 workers. Other industries under this sector that are currently experiencing growth include nuclear energy, road and rail transport, and oil, petroleum, and gas. Manufacturing recruitment agencies encourage new graduates to apply for jobs in these sectors as they try to break into the job market.

Manufacturing and Production Job Market

Key players in this sector understand that the future of manufacturing lies in the successful adoption of advanced digital technology. This will give manufacturers the benefit of being able to monitor data, and provide a real-time assessment of production techniques and how they can be improved.

Manufacturing recruitment agencies are dealing with a shortage of skilled applicants for jobs in this industry. The education system continues to train graduates in the traditional manufacturing methods, leaving glaring gaps in the digitally advanced manufacturing job markets. A popular strategy to combat this is by the introduction of apprenticeships. Graduates attached to manufacturing organisations get the benefit of practising traditional methods and learning about digital modes of production.

Qualifications and Salaries

Although some sections require degrees in this industry, manufacturing recruitment agencies look for extensive experience. Applicants who have gone through apprenticeships are top picks. Candidates with basic mathematical and mechanical aptitude are also preferred by employing organisations.

Successful applicants can expect attractive remuneration rates with starting roles paying as much as £16,000-£20,000 per year. As employees gain experience and move up the ladder they can expect to make up to £45,000. Average rates in metropolitan cities like London are slightly higher at more than £40,000 depending on experience and level of employment.

The manufacturing recruitment agencies listed on our site are on hand to assist with contractual agreements as required. Through their long-term collaboration with leading firms, these agencies are proficient at matching the best applicants to the best careers.

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Ripple Recruit

With over 15 years of experience in recruiting for technical industries, our team have the expertise to find the right candidates for a huge variety of roles. We work with clients throughout the UK too, so wherever you are – our team are on hand to help.

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Phone: 0118 370 4634
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Ripple Recruitment Ltd, Greyfriars Road, Reading, UK
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ETS Technical Selection Ltd

We help businesses find the best talent in technical, engineering, scientific and IT sales throughout the UK. ETS Technical Selection was founded due to a requirement in the market for experienced sales staff within specialist fields.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 08700 702246
Opening times: Open Now~
ETS Technical Sales, Cirencester, UK
Nationwide Recruiters

Blue Marble Recruitment

Our team at Blue Marble Recruitment are specialists in specialist technology roles, spanning industries such as engineering, operations, sales/marketing and executive positions. We have a huge range of client types, all of which have benefited from our ability to match the right candidate with an employer.

Status: Standard Member
Phone: 07720 841 444
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Blue Marble Recruitment, London Road, St Albans, UK
Nationwide IT recruitment

Supreme Recruitment Services

Providing the right people at the right time. At Supreme Recruitment Services we are experienced in a variety of industries, since creation in 1998 we have established ourselves as a leading provider of both temporary and permanent labour to a range of companies.

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Phone: 0121 248 4488
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Supreme Recruitment, Birmingham, UK
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