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Market research is an organised effort to collect and analyse data about a client’s customers and target market. It is also commonly referred to as industrial research. Top marketing research companies in the United Kingdom have a turnover of over £74 million. Marketing agencies contribute over £2 billion to the economy annually.

Employers In The Market Research Industry

Most employment positions in this sector are consultancies and agencies. The concentration of the agencies is in London and South East England. Specialist agencies are hired to oversee and manage projects for organisations. These may include advertising and public relations firms, charities and even local governments.

Market researchers may also be hired by clients directly. These roles. involve coordinating the research on behalf of the organisations. Depending on the outcome, the researchers may also be required to assist the organisation in formulating marketing strategies.

Research institutions and government also hire market researchers.


Market research recruitment agencies look for candidates who have a degree in business, management, statistics, economics, and mathematics. These areas of study are useful for quantitative research.

Applicants who prefer to work in qualitative research should have academic qualifications in psychology, sociology, social sciences, and anthropology. Applicants who have a degree in specific studies such as marketing, languages, or even engineering may be acceptable to some employers.

Postgraduate qualifications are not a necessity, but they may be useful in cases where an applicant’s degree is not statistical.

Additional skills, often preferable to market research recruitment agencies, are strong interpersonal skills, excellent analytical and numerical skills, organisational, creativity and problem-solving. IT literacy and business awareness are an advantage for applicants.

Candidates who have prior experience in the same, or supporting, capacity also stand a better chance of employment.

Wages and Career Progression

Market research jobs often offer attractive remuneration rates with junior-level positions paying about £15,000. Career progression in this industry is very rapid with many entry-level employees advancing to senior posts in 2-3 years.

Promotion to research executive signifies impending advancement to senior researcher and account director roles. Employees in these roles are responsible for team management and will also be tasked with the responsibility of client contact.

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