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Marketing Recruitment Agencies

Marketing and advertising are key elements for any business. Marketing helps consumers connect with an organisation’s brand and its products. The industry employs well over 150,000 people. Marketing covers a wide range of sub-sectors such as brand management, affiliate marketing, content marketing, email marketing and others.

Who Employs Marketing Specialists?

Employees in this industry are either directly hired by the organisations they work for or by agencies. There are some marketers who are freelancers, but they are a small percentage. There are some companies that target graduate-level applicants such as P&G, Unilever, Diageo, and Centrica.

Marketing recruitment agencies looking for marketing executives target applicants who can work well as part of a team, are dynamic and sociable. Flexibility and knowledge of digital trends in the field are invaluable assets.

The sector is extremely competitive with a third of all graduate jobs falling under this category.

Skills Required

 Most of the jobs in this line of work hire graduates. In addition to academic skills, marketing recruitment agencies also look for an in-depth understanding of digital marketing trends and analytical and numerical skills. Applicants who have excellent communication skills and great interpersonal skills are also favoured by marketing agencies.

Flexibility is crucial because applicants may be required to work overtime, weekends and travel as needed. The marketing team in most organisations is made of young, creative and dynamic people.

The market trends are constantly shifting in response to consumers habits. Marketing recruitment agencies are inclined to select tech-savvy applicants who understand the digital marketing trends. Social media and mobile devices allow for the real-time reaction to an organisation’s output. Marketing individuals are required to be innovative and have excellent journalistic skills. The ability to act fast in crisis is also an added advantage.


 Marketing recruitment agencies conduct market research to assure their clients of the best market rates. They estimate a remuneration rate of £45,00 for permanent marketing positions. Entry level positions command a starting salary of between £15,000 and £20,000 annually. Senior executive employees are paid £40,000-£60,000.

In metropolitan cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburg, the demand for marketing services are high resulting in high remuneration rates of up to £100,000.

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Plus One Personnel

Our team work with a customer-centric ethos, working closely with both our clients and candidates, providing award-winning recruitment services. At Plus One Personnel we specialise in sales and marketing, operations, business support, accounting and finance and customer service roles.

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Executemps Recruitment Ltd

Executemps has achieved a fantastic reputation due to delivery of client partnering, consultation and providing tailored temporary recruitment solutions. As a result up to 90% of our temporary staff have been directly engaged by our clients, or had their assignments extended.

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