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Not-For-Profit Recruitment Agencies

Contrary to popular belief, the third sector does not only employ volunteers and unpaid workers. Not-for-profit recruitment agencies have increasingly placed permanent employees who go on to have meaningful and fulfilling careers in this sector.

This sector often includes social firms and some governmental institutions. The basic operations of this sector are centred on public service in the political field. This sector employs over 800,000 workers in over 160,000 charity and non-profit organisations.

Not-For-Profit Recruitment Agencies Role

Recruitment firms employ experts who have worked with top not-for-profit organisations such as the British Heart Foundation, UNICEF, Macmillan Cancer Support, Médecins Sans Frontières and more.

The agencies connect job seekers to these positions after a thorough screening process. It involves an interview to ascertain their suitability and to assess their capabilities. The consultants then present only the most qualified to the employer. These staffing agencies save time and money, and spare hiring organisations from the tedious process of going through hundreds of applications.

Not-for-profit recruitment agencies understand the need to find passionate and hardworking candidates because working in this sector can prove to be frustrating especially when resources are low. Any applicants they interview have to be resourceful and able to adapt to a stressful work environment.

There are limitless opportunities in this sector. Common positions include research and policy, administration, campaigning and fundraising, human resources and business development.


This sector is facing a lot of challenges, the biggest of which are overstretched local authorities and the uncertainty of the economy. These factors greatly affect the impact of their activities due to reduced funding. It also means that entry-level jobs may not be as well paying and have reduced security.

Entry-level salaries start from £10,000-£15,000 annually with the average salary throughout the country ranging from £15,000- £18,000. Top level professionals in this sector earn up to £40,000 annually.

The presence of not-for-profit institutions is often an indicator that an economy is growing. It is also an excellent platform for the society to provide their skills and talents. Not-for-profit recruitment agencies often enlist young professionals who would like to volunteer or work part-time. This is good for gaining work experience and also to build their resumes.

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