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In a digital world, the ability to put across your message is extremely important. Printing and publishing companies have diversified to include digital media and design. This long-standing industry has over 10,000 organisations and contributes more than £20 billion to the UK economy.

The industry is quite labour intensive employing over 200,000 employees. Printing and publishing recruitment agencies have become key in the hiring process due to the ever-changing nature of the industry.

Qualifications and Recruitment

Most staffing consultants prefer applicants with a degree in arts and humanities. Applicants who have studied textile design, illustration and drawing, graphic design, and art and design are top picks.

The sector also includes specialist areas such as publication production, production management, and ICT. This puts candidates who have studied business, print media management and other administrative roles at an advantage.

Printing recruitment agencies will often enlist applicants who have demonstrated good organisational skills, initiative, problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication skills. Additional skills that are desirable for professionals in this sector are tact, persuasion, negotiation, and quick decision making.

Remuneration packages are quite attractive and are dependent on the organisation and level of employment. Starting salaries range from £20K-£25K and £30K-£40K for senior positions. Freelance printmakers can expect to make between £15K-£20K annually. These rates also go up with experience and level of education.

Printing and Publishing Careers

The UK’s print sector is the fifth largest in the world. The largest of these is the advertising, and literature and event programmes which take up 37%, Newspapers, magazines, and books take 24%. Employers in the sector are concentrated in London, the Southeast, North West, Yorkshire and Humberside, and East Midlands.

Printing and publishing recruitment agencies work with many well-established organisations to provide employment for hundreds of applicants. Printer and Publisher roles include reprographic and Lithographic professionals, processing engineers, and others.

Large organisations offer opportunities for promotion after successful applicants have specialised in their area of work. Smaller family-owned organisations provide experience and hands-on learning opportunities to fresh graduates or apprentices. employees in this industry can join professional bodies such as BPIF which provide HR support, legal guidance, and health and safety risks.

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