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The UK government has recently come out in support of investors in the property development sector. This industry entails, managing construction projects and historical buildings, designing urban, ultra-modern spaces and even selling houses. There has been a significant rise in the number of candidate placements by property recruitment agencies.

These staffing consultants estimate workers in this sector to be just under half a million, with the number set to grow as more developers join the sector. There are over 100,000 businesses contributing over £5 trillion to the country’s economy.

Qualifications And Aptitudes Required In The Industry

The property industry encompasses many sectors some of which require academic qualifications. However, many positions in the field offer opportunities to learn on the job for successful applicants. Specialist jobs such as architecture, engineering, and surveying, require relevant licensing and registration with professional bodies.

Property recruitment agencies that enlist applicants for management roles and areas such as construction, will typically select candidates with on-the-job experience. Some jobs such as estate agents require only a licence to practice.

Some large organisations offer graduate schemes for applicants without a relevant degree. New employees in these programs get support and experience to help them gain relevant skills. There are also summer internships and industry placements offered by property staffing agencies.

Additional skills that recruitment consultants look for in applicants for this sector include commercial awareness, IT literacy, negotiation skills, and teamwork.


The property industry is a very lucrative sector and offers attractive remuneration packages depending on the level of employment and the sector. The private sector pays more while the public sector has a standardised pay scale.

Property recruitment agencies estimate entry-level salaries to start from £10,000 to £15,000 annually. The average earnings around the country are estimated to be between £25,000-£30,000. The rates are higher in metropolitan cities like London. Experienced and senior levels roles earn remuneration rates upwards of £40,000.

The property industry is diversifying at a fast rate and the strict deadlines imposed require employees that are quick and decisive. It is also important to note a lot of time is spent on the field and on-site even for employees in management roles.

This sector offers a lot in the way of career progression and placement agencies encourage successful applicants to take part in CPD activities. This sector also offers chances to work abroad and part-time as a freelancer.

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