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Rail Recruitment Agencies

The rail network in the United Kingdom is the oldest in the world. The system experienced slow development in the 1900’s but it is now growing and modernising. Rail recruitment agencies have seen an increase in generation Y candidates applying to this traditional sector. The sector offers an agile working environment with ample opportunity for professional growth.

The sector is tasked with ferrying over 1.7 billion passengers annually making it an integral part of the transportation network in the UK. Nearly 10% of freight in the country is also transported through rail, therefore it contributes largely to the national GDP.

Sub-Sectors in The Rail Industry

Rail staffing agencies report a skills shortage in the sector as it grows and changes. The traditional rail system used coal and wood but as it modernises there is a growing need for electricians, and health and safety professionals.

Rail recruitment agencies work with the biggest companies to enlist experienced and knowledgeable rail professionals. Some of these companies include Network Rail, Transport for London, Carillon, Crossrail, and AECOM. Some of the roles that these firms recruit for include Linesmen, railway construction, engineers, and planners.

There are also administrative roles in the rail industry that include management, marketing and advertising and PR.

Qualifications and Skills

Many jobs in the rail sector will require some form of academic qualification. Specialist roles such as engineers and planners require applicants who have a degree in a related discipline. Due to the scarcity of skills, some organisations offer apprenticeship programmes in disciplines such as engineering.

Placement agencies also look for applicants with mechanical expertise. Depending on the level of experience, they may overlook academic qualifications in these sectors. Rail recruitment agencies offer hiring organisations a wealth of experience and essential support throughout the hiring process. Applicants using staffing agencies get a tailored approach that helps them find jobs in specific sectors they would like to work in.

The rail industry employs applicants in varied roles, therefore, skills such as communication and fast decision-making are invaluable all across. Candidates interested in working in ticketing and other customer-focused roles, need to be personable and patient and have great customer service talents.

Salary scales in this sector are competitive. Rail placement consultants carry out market research to determine the most competitive rates.

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