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A server admin performs many tasks on a business firms computer network that go past monitoring and auditing server activities and security. These tasks may include maintaining software updates and designing and executing new system structures. More businesses now have high volumes of web activity requiring these services on a regular basis.

Server admin recruitment agencies often enlist applicants for software businesses as well as consultant companies. They may also be engaged by companies that have online payment transactions as well as advertising, finance, and media companies.


Applicants are required to have some work experience in a related or IT-relevant role. Recruitment consultants also look out for applicants who have an associate degree in computer-related subjects. Candidates who carry appropriate vendor certification are also preferred. Applicants who have all three are highly sought-after and are guaranteed to find permanent tenure in hiring organisations.

Relevant certification for these jobs is done through Microsoft, CompTIA, Redhat, and Cisco whose exams test UNIX and Window servers admin abilities. Some hiring organisations may have specific software systems that require candidates who are well versed and specially trained.

Applicants to these jobs are also required to be personable and able to work as part of a team. Problem-solving and organisational skills, flexibility, the ability to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure are all invaluable in this role.

Employment and Remuneration

Employment opportunities have become more available in SMEs as they compete with others in their industries and keep their clients informed. Server admins are key to the expansion of their target markets while launching new products and services.

Server admin recruitment agencies report a skill gap in this sector and fresh graduates are highly encouraged to apply. Major companies often have server admin jobs and related vacancies such as systems development, project management, database architecture, and network management for applicants with the required qualifications.

Remuneration rates for this field are highly competitive with salaries starting at £22,000 to about £25,000 for graduate applicants. Experienced applicants could earn up to £35,000 while substantial experience working at senior level attracts pay upwards of £45,000.

This sector is highly dynamic. Opportunities for professional advancement are in plenty for applicants who keep up to date with technological advancements.

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The team at IntaPeople are specialists in sourcing the best talent within the IT and engineering sectors. Established in 1994, our team have extensive experience in working alongside our clients and candidates within technical industries.

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People Connectors Ltd

At People Connectors Ltd we are passionate about working with candidates and business owners within the IT sector. We have years of experience in matching candidates with employers across a range of job types and specifications.

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Our founder Hazel Gooding created Quartz Recruitment in order to provide professional recruitment solutions for businesses in hospitality, finance and office/commercial in the South West of England. We are passionate about helping both employers and candidates achieve their goals.

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