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The freight transport industry involves importers, exporters, and other companies who ship goods. The sector has realised an economic boom with the increased levels of online shopping. It is now a major contributor to the United Kingdom’s GDP, generating over £20 billion annually. The industry supports over 500,000 jobs both  directly and indirectly.

Shipping Recruitment

Shipping recruitment agencies enlist applicants for a variety of jobs. The industry is widespread, with operations based in most major cities and even less populated towns. Hiring organisations also vary in size and specialisation.

Freight is typically handled by 3PL firms that are divided into three categories. Local firms, these operate at an airport, seaport, and deal with clients in their immediate locality. National firms are based in significant ports and airports all through the country. They have warehousing and handling depots to deal with their goods and have agents in overseas markets they trade in. International firms are global organisations that have offices worldwide, offering a variety of services.

Key organisations that work with shipping recruitment agencies to hire staff include Royal Mail, FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Careers in the shipping sector are many and varied. They may include transportation jobs, managerial, operational and organisational jobs. Popular jobs in the industry are transport planners, supply chain managers, pilots, logistics distribution management.

Skills and Qualifications

The jobs in the freight sector require varying levels of education, with most shipping recruitment agencies selecting candidates who have a degree in any discipline. This enables applicants who are selected to start work at a higher level with better remuneration rates. A degree or HND in subjects such as accounting, business management, economics, modern foreign languages, and transport will give candidates a better chance at employment.

Postgraduate qualifications are useful for career progression opportunities. Applicants can also join professional bodies such as The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK which gives members access to priceless resources.

Placement firms will look for clients who have exceptional communication skills, sound industry knowledge, teamwork and interpersonal skills. Applicants who are computer literate and have good numeracy skills are also at an advantage.

Shipping recruitment agencies report salaries in the industry range from £16,000-£25,000 for entry-level jobs. Mid-level management starts at £30,000-£35,000, while top-level management fetches between £35,000-£45,000.

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