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Social Care Recruitment Agencies

Social care is a dynamic sector that deals with many areas of need such as physical, mental and lifestyle specialist care. The sector employs around 2 million professionals who provide care for more than 1.8 million people. Social care recruitment agencies enlist professionals for advice and guidance, counselling, housing, probation, psychology, music, art and drama therapy and even residential care.

Skills and Qualifications

Professionals working in the social care sector can choose to work with children, adults, the elderly or families. They can also choose to work with groups of people suffering from mental disorders, learning disabilities, alcoholism and drug use, or physical disabilities.

Most entry-level jobs in this industry do not have strict requirements, but candidates with a degree and NVQs have a clear advantage. The field also employs personnel in a variety of crossover roles between healthcare and social care. Candidates who have transferable skills such as nurses could work in social care settings such as childcare and elderly care homes.

The sector employs many professionals with social care recruitment firms selecting candidates who are experienced applicants such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapists. These jobs are typically high-value jobs and require applicants to have a degree and postgraduate qualifications. Most organisations prefer candidates who have previous experience in their respective fields.

The field requires employees to work long and unsociable hours, therefore applicants should be passionate about social care. Funding is also an issue, particularly within government institutions. Social care recruitment agencies encourage applicants who are self-motivated and have sharp problem-solving skills to consider the jobs.

Social Care Employers

Social care job opportunities can be found in many organisations. The NHS is one of the biggest employers followed closely by local government which is always on the lookout for social workers. The prison and probation services, charity and voluntary organisations, and private companies are also major employers.


The social care sector rewards employees fairly well with salaries typically starting at £15,000-£25,000. Senior-level jobs start at £40,000 and upwards.

Placement agencies report a big problem with employee retention in the sector. This makes the industry a major employer requiring over 340,000 new employees each year. The sector also has a shortage of workers due to the decreasing number of students in social care courses.

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