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Software developers are the geniuses behind the tech that we use every day at home, work or on-the-go. From the apps that you use on your phone to applications on your computer a work. They have a hand in inventing most of the tech that we are so used to having, that we sometimes forget it did not exist a few decades ago.

Expert agencies recruiting software developers understand the important role they play in translating complex software into user-friendly applications. Employers range from commercial sectors such as retail, travel and tourism, and health to large multinational corporations.

Qualifications and Key Competencies

Software developer recruitment agencies enlist applicants who have a degree in an IT related field. Through a simple and straightforward search, they connect industry professionals to the right candidates who are fluent in the specified programming language. These include .NET, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, LAMP, CSS3, and Java among others.

It is also important to have applicants who understand big O notation, common algorithms, and the varied technical approaches. These can be learnt through apprenticeships.

A portfolio showing completed coding projects and unique technical accomplishments for applicants without a degree will help them stand out from the competition.

In addition to educational qualifications, software development recruitment consultants also look for candidates with exceptional communications skills. Applicants who are attentive to detail, meticulous and organised, and have a high level of concentration are ideal for these jobs. This dynamic industry also requires applicants to be versatile and be able to adapt to ever-occurring changes at lightning speed.

Employers and Remuneration Rates

Recruitment firms are enlisted by specialist IT organisations to assist in the placement of highly qualified software developers. These organisations are invaluable for business and market research. The manufacturing industry is also employing developers for automotive, aviation, and telecommunication companies.

Other sectors include finance and public organisations who may hire applicants for consultation roles. This often leads to employment in a permanent capacity for candidates who can prove to be innovative and creative.

Remuneration rates differ throughout the industry with larger organisations such as Google and Microsoft offering more for entry-level jobs than smaller and medium enterprises. Starting level salaries for graduates at ordinary organisations might start at £18,000 per year. With experience and a large portfolio, this can go up to £50,000. Senior level developers who act in management and administrative roles can earn up to £70,000-£100,000 annually.

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Ripple Recruit

With over 15 years of experience in recruiting for technical industries, our team have the expertise to find the right candidates for a huge variety of roles. We work with clients throughout the UK too, so wherever you are – our team are on hand to help.

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Blue Marble Recruitment

Our team at Blue Marble Recruitment are specialists in specialist technology roles, spanning industries such as engineering, operations, sales/marketing and executive positions. We have a huge range of client types, all of which have benefited from our ability to match the right candidate with an employer.

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