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The telecoms sector encompasses new technologies in the internet, television, and telephony industries. The sector is as diverse as it is dynamic with research and development in wireless technologies, fibre optic and radio frequencies uncovering new innovations regularly.

This sector employs over 1.5 million people across the United Kingdom and offers exciting job opportunities to young innovative applicants. Telecoms recruitment agencies place job seekers in organisations working with the latest technologies countrywide.

Telecoms Career Prospects

Telecoms and IT recruitment consultants have extensive connections with many of the country’s leading Computer Hardware, Software and Network security firms, and wireless internet and IT services companies. This gives employers access to a wide pool of talent catering to different employment-level requirements.

Applicants looking to go into the telecoms sector can work in different roles such as engineers, specialists, IT managers, analysts, and mobile communication. Many organisations in the UK employ the services of telecom specialists to improve communication and support operations in their businesses.

Career prospects in the field are often dependent on the achievement of predetermined goals. This ensures employees can move up the ladder to higher levels of employment. Employees who participate in continuous professional development courses are also top picks for promotion.

Skills and Qualifications

The industry is highly technical and requires employees to have at minimum, an undergraduate degree in relevant subjects. These subjects include computer science, information technology, telecommunications, physical sciences. Senior roles require advanced degrees in Mathematics and electrical engineering.

Telecommunications recruitment consultants often interview applicants before presenting them to the employer. They look for key skills such as strong communication skills, creativity and the ability to solve problems efficiently. Applicants who have a sharp business acumen and previous experience in similar roles are deemed most desirable.

Employers Remuneration Rates

Employers in this industry include major digital, satellite and cable television companies, mobile operators, space communication organisations, security firms and power transmission firms. Other key employers in the sector are educational institutions such as universities and the government.

Telecoms recruitment agencies enlist applicants for all levels of employment. Entry-level graduate employees can expect to earn anything between £14,000-£16,000 annually. Experienced and skilled applicants can earn upwards of £65,000.

These rates are higher in major cities like London. You can check out the London recruitment agencies to find a recruitment consultant near you.

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