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Training and Learning Recruitment Agencies

The teaching and learning sector in the United Kingdom is an important industry that helps develop useful competencies and increase productivity and performance. These roles involve the professional development of an organisation’s workforce. This is done by equipping them with knowledge, motivation and practical skills to achieve set goals.

The sector is quite extensive and can include career progression programmes, consultation, and online training software. The training and learning sector employs a large number of professionals.

Training and Learning Recruitment

Recruitment firms for the training and learning sector will often require applicants to have academic qualifications such as a degree and HND. Subjects that are relevant to the sector include business, human resources, psychology and IT. These are, however, just a guideline. The sector is very broad and different qualifications will apply to different organisations.

Postgraduate qualifications such as a Masters degree recognised by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development may improve your chances of landing a permanent role. Applicants who have extensive experience and relevant skills are preferred by most hiring organisations and recruitment agencies.

Applicants are interviewed to ensure they have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of their specific discipline. The nature of these jobs requires applicants who have excellent interpersonal skills and are able to motivate others and inspire a change in their attitudes where necessary.

Other important skills include organisational and planning abilities, negotiation, and time keeping skills. Applicants should also demonstrate a personal commitment to improving their own knowledge and skills.

Employers and Remuneration

There are opportunities for employment in many different sectors. Training and Learning recruitment consultants work with organisations such as central and local government, commercial firms, health service firms, law firms, leisure, manufacture and retail companies. Opportunities for employment are also available in commercial training organisations. These include personal development training organisations and IT training providers.

Salaries vary in the sector with training and development officers receiving a string salary ranging between £25,000-£30,000. Experienced applicants can expect a starting rate of £27,000-£45,000. Senior-level salaries range from £45,000-£65,000.

Professionals in this sector can progress to senior positions after 3-4 years experience. Entry-level graduates can be promoted to advisory roles, junior management, middle management and senior management.

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