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More organisations now realise the integral role that digital presence plays in their businesses.  Web developers design, build, and continuously maintain digital platforms such as websites and web applications. Their job is to create a platform through which organisations can communicate with their target market and address their needs. Web development recruitment agencies may enlist these professionals as in-house specialists or as consultants.

Skills and Qualifications

 There are no formal requirements for entering the field, but web development employment firms look favourably on applicants with technical qualifications. Subjects that give job seekers an advantage include web design, web development, computer science, software engineering, and informatics.

Some organisations may also prefer applicants with some experience and knowledge in the job. Applicants who can demonstrate a fairly extensive knowledge of the fundamental principles and application of web design and development are highly sought-after.

Other qualifications such as short courses on web applications in PHP, MySQL, and HNDs may also boost chances of employment particularly for part-time or consultancy positions. An in-depth understanding of Java, CSS, and Flash also work in a job seeker’s favour.

Web development recruitment agencies look out for candidates who are attentive to detail and have logical problem-solving abilities. Job seekers should also be able to work independently, and most importantly meet deadlines while working under pressure.

Career Prospects and Remuneration

Employment opportunities for web developers exist in almost every industry. Recruitment consultants work with different organisations placing both in-house and contractual developers. Applicants who are interested in working in a particular sector should look for vacancies in firms that deal in the industry such as media and digital recruitment agencies.

Salaries in this field are very lucrative with junior developers starting from £18,000 annually. For experienced entry-level applicants, salaries can go up to £35,000 per year while senior positions start at £40,000+.

Web developers need to stay updated in their field, therefore some organisations offer them assistance to enrol in short courses. This is helpful not only in broadening their knowledge but also in adding on to their technological expertise.

Web developers who have advanced skills can also choose to venture into more strategic roles such as chief technical officers, business and systems analysts, solutions architects, IT departmental heads, and even operate consultancy firms.

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